Pizza Hut Assistant Manager in Post, Texas


As third in command, you are accountable to the G.M. of the store. You will ensure that any shifts that you are accountable for run smoothly and efficiently. You are responsible to ensure that the team in place works well together and achieves the goals that are set forth by the G.M. You will ensure that all store goals including labor, drive times, food cost, etc are met.


  • Excellent leadership and communication skills

  • Ability to handle any and all concerns that may arise from customers and crew members.

  • Ability to coach and correct when a standard is deviated.

  • Inspire confidence in those around you.

  • Maintain the financial well-being of your operation by meeting food cost and labor goals

  • Ability to show empathy and understanding when a customer concern should arise.

  • Ability to keep your cool in stressful situations and inspire confidence during busy peak periods.

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Ability to stand on your feet for 8-10 hours without rest when necessary